Rep. David McSweeney’s Bipartisan Resolution Strongly Opposes the Pritzker "Jobs Tax"

Springfield, IL – State Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) stands firmly against a progressive income tax in Illinois, which is why he filed the bipartisan McSweeney-Costello resolution (HR 31). The resolution strongly opposes the adoption of a progressive income tax constitutional amendment. McSweeney says a progressive income tax in Illinois is a thinly veiled jobs tax, guaranteed to kill Illinois jobs by raising taxes on small businesses that are taxed at the individual tax rate. The “Jobs Tax” would also result in a massive tax increase for middle class Illinois families, which Rep. McSweeney has long opposed.

“The progressive income tax is a code phrase for a massive tax increase and that is the last thing Illinois needs right now,” McSweeney said. “Proponents of the this tax led by Governor Pritzker won’t disclose what the tax rates will be. They want people to believe their Jobs Tax would only affect the wealthy. The wealthy won’t be hurt because they have the option to quickly leave Illinois. The truth is that the Jobs Tax will ultimately lead to a massive tax hike on the middle class.”

Proponents of a graduated income tax often cite Minnesota’s recent economic policies as the model to use in Illinois. However, using 2017 Minnesota tax brackets, every Illinois income earner would see a tax increase. The lowest Minnesota bracket starts at 5.35 percent, compared to the already too high Illinois income tax rate of 4.95 percent. The highest Minnesota tax rate of 9.85 percent applies to all taxable income above $261,150. Under a Minnesota-like progressive income tax structure, an Illinois married couple with $100,000 of taxable income would pay 29.7 percent more in taxes than under the current Illinois flat rate structure.

Representative David McSweeney will continue to lead the effort against the Pritzker Jobs Tax. McSweeney said, “If 3/5 of the Illinois House and Senate put the Pritzker Jobs Tax on the 2020 general election ballot, I’m confident that voters will reject this massive tax hike. I don’t think that over 60% of voters will trust Illinois politicians to set their rates under a system that is clearly designed to produce a lot more revenue to fuel new spending.”

HR 31 has been introduced and awaits assignment to a House Committee. Democratic State Representative Jerry Costello (D-Red Bud) is the number one Chief Co-Sponsor.

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