From the NW Herald:

A proposed bill that would give McHenry County residents the power to abolish townships with a majority vote at the polls is on its way to the desk of the Illinois governor.

On Tuesday, the Senate passed the bill, 33-16, with an amendment that would make the bill effective June 1. The House on Thursday voted, 78-23, to concur with that amendment.

State Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) said the bill clearing the General Assembly hurdle represents a "big win for taxpayers."

"It'll be sent to the governor," McSweeney said. He mentioned the infighting drama brewing inside Algonquin Township as an example of why voters should have the ability to abolish local governments. "It’s turning into a statewide embarrassment. They’re a bunch of children that are disgracing local government."
A day after Toni Preckwinkle adjusted the timeline of when she says she first heard claims of questionable behavior by a top aide, political opponents slammed the Cook County Board President for not taking swifter action.

State Rep. David McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills, introduced a House resolution Friday calling on the County Board to investigate Preckwinkle’s “egregious” six-month delay between when Preckwinkle says “an unsubstantiated rumor” was brought to her attention, and when she forced her chief of staff John Keller to resign.

“The story keeps changing,” McSweeney said. “It’s serious stuff, and I think it certainly is the right of the citizens to get all the information.”

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