McSweeney Pushes for Township Consolidation in McHenry County

From the NW Herald:

A proposed bill sponsored by State Rep. David McSweeney that could give township boards in McHenry County the power to put a consolidation referendum on an election ballot with a majority vote passed committee Monday in Springfield and now will go to the House floor.

...If signed into law, HB 4637 would allow voters to force a referendum onto an election ballot with a petition signed by 5 percent of voters from a previous comparable election. For example, if 5,000 people voted in Algonquin Township in the last election, a petition carrying 250 signatures would put a question on the ballot asking voters whether they want to eliminate the township.

If 50 percent of voters support elimination at the polls, the township would be dissolved within 90 days after the election. All property, personnel, contractual obligations and liabilities inside the township then would transfer to McHenry County.

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