There are many ideas on the table to attempt to fix the state of Illinois’ budget problems, but perhaps one of the worst ideas being pushed is a proposal to tax retirement income in Illinois.

Retirees in Illinois pay federal taxes on their retirement income, and they also pay state and local taxes, such as motor fuel taxes, property taxes and utility taxes. It’s been reported secret working groups have been discussing a massive retirement tax.

Taxing retirement income would be disastrous and would hurt Illinois senior citizens. I’m committed to stopping any Illinois retirement tax. I’m chief sponsor of House Resolution 890, which strongly opposes efforts to tax retirement income. I currently have 56 sponsors for my resolution, and it’s supported by the AARP, which represents 1.7 million members in Illinois.

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Local government officials and employees would have a harder time traveling and dining on the taxpayer's dime under a bill filed by a McHenry County lawmaker.

House Bill 4379, filed last week by state Rep. David McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills, seeks to limit the amount of money that school districts and non-home-rule governments can spend on travel, meals and lodging.

It will require said governments to regulate reimbursement by resolution or ordinance, set maximum limits, and better document said expenses through a standardized form. Spending taxpayer money on entertainment would be forbidden under the proposed law.

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Calling it one way to rein in property taxes, Barrington Hills Republican state Rep. David McSweeney has introduced a bill that would limit travel expenses for local governments in Illinois.

"There has been a lot of wasteful spending," McSweeney said. "And if government money is going to be allocated, then it should be clear what it's being spent on."

Spurred by a series of Daily Herald reports on suburban officials' tax-paid reimbursements for lavish meals, travel costs and entertainment, McSweeney filed the bill that would prohibit using tax dollars to cover any entertainment expenses and limit amounts spent on other items.

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