NW Herald: Rejecting Ridiculous Pay Raise

The NW Herald editorial board gave State Representative David McSweeney a "Thumbs Up":

"Thumbs up: To state Rep. David McSweeney for denouncing the pay raises lawmakers passed for themselves and donating the raise to social service agencies. “I think it is outrageous that we, as legislators, are getting a pay raise even though we are not down in Springfield every single day doing our job to get a budget passed,” said McSweeney, a Barrington Hills Republican. “We should be down there every day working to resolve the budget crisis. People are going to get hurt if we don’t do our job and pass a budget soon.” Legislators are receiving a 2 percent automatic cost-of-living adjustment, which amounts to about an additional $1,563 annually. The comptroller’s office has said the law prohibits McSweeney from rejecting the pay increase outright. So he is donating $781.50 each to Pioneer Center for Human Services and Night Ministry, a nonprofit group that helps homeless children and adults."