A resolution introduced Monday by state Rep. David McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills, urges South Carolina’s Legislature to replace the Confederate flag flying in that state capitol with the U.S. flag.

“Events connected with this tragedy have raised questions about the so-called ‘Battle Flag of the Confederacy’ as a suitable element in public displays of honor … Many feel that this flag has become offensive and should no longer be a symbol on state property,” states House Bill 604, which has strong bipartisan support.

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State Representative David McSweeney stopped by Fox 32 on Sunday to talk with Mike Flannery about taxes, the budget, and the current situation in Springfield. Click on the link below to watch the interview:

FOX 32 Sunday: State Rep. David McSweeney - FOX 32 News Chicago
The Oakwood Hills-inspired Open Meetings Act reform measure passed the House unanimously Sunday, sending the bill to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s desk.

Extending the window of time people have to report possible violations of the act to the attorney general’s public access counselor, House Bill 175 was approved by the House in a 112-0 vote. The vote ratified an amendment that clarifies that the new time limit cannot be applied to meetings that took place before the law goes into effect.

The bill returned to the House on Sunday for a concurrence vote after the Senate voted 57-0 Friday.

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