David McSweeney Files Term Limits Constitutional Amendment

Cary, Illinois— Representative David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) has filed a constitutional amendment (HJRCA 24) to limit the terms of General Assembly members.

House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 24 mirrors the term limits ballot initiative that was attempted last year by limiting legislative terms to eight years.

“The ballot initiative attempt last year was well received across the state,” McSweeney said. “I supported Governor Bruce Rauner’s efforts to get term limits on the ballot last year and my support for term limits has not changed.”

Last year, a petition to get term limits on the ballot garnered nearly 600,000 signatures. The courts ultimately blocked the initiative from appearing on the ballot.

“The citizen-led effort fell short because of the actions of our courts, and so legislative action is necessary,” McSweeney said. “I believe voters of this state would support term limits if given the opportunity to do so. Hopefully, we can give the citizens of Illinois the opportunity they were denied last year.”


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