McSweeney Saves Taxpayer Money: Voluntarily Returns a Portion of His Legislative Pay and Office Allotment

CARY – State Representative David McSweeney (R-Cary) says when it comes to the state budget crisis, he believes government officials should lead by example. That is why he is again voluntarily cutting his legislative salary and district office budget by 10 percent and returning the money back to the state.

 “While many families are making cuts to stay within their budget, our elected officials have a responsibility to reduce their official expenditures” said McSweeney.

An Illinois Representative’s salary and district office allotment are $67,836 and $69,409 respectively. With McSweeney’s salary reimbursement action last week, both will be reduced to 90% of those initial figures for calendar year 2014 with the salary number adjusted for taxes paid.

 McSweeney also plans to cut his calendar year 2015 and 2016 salary and office budget by 10%. Those reductions come in addition to his initial action of voluntarily opting out of the State’s General Assembly Retirement Pension System.  McSweeney will not receive a legislative pension.

 McSweeney continued, “I’ve said from day one, government officials must lead by example in stabilizing our State’s finances. The bottom line is that Illinois is in a financial crisis and business as usual isn’t working."

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