McSweeney Introduces Property Tax Relief Bills

Springfield...State Representative David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) is making property tax relief one of his top priorities and is pushing two legislative measures that will help reduce property taxes for many Illinois families.

“High property taxes are a major reason people have been moving out of the state,” McSweeney said. “That is why we need an immediate property tax freeze.”

House Bill 177 would freeze most PTELL multipliers within property tax extensions for three years, limiting the increase in local property tax bills to 0%.

House Bill 178 would create a one-year tax freeze on the general fund tax levies extended by most townships that have populations of less than 100,000 and are subject to PTELL (Property Tax Extension Limitation Law).

“We cannot keep throwing money at multiple units of government and ignoring the outcome, which is ultimately higher taxes.” McSweeney said. “My legislation would reduce the burden on taxpayers in Illinois. The current situation of large increases in property taxes is simply not sustainable. Illinois families need property tax relief and they need it now.”

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